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 Story Of the Year Discografia

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Story Of the Year Discografia Empty
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- Big Blue Monkey [EP] (2002)

01. Story Of The Year
02. Light Years Away
03. Razorblades And Cupcakes
04. So Far, So Good
05. In Her Bedroom SOTY_-_Big_Blue_Monkey_EP__2002_.rar.html

- Page Avenue (2003)

01. And The Hero Will Drown
02. Until The Day I Die
03. Anthem Of Our Dying Day
04. In The Shadows
05. Dive Right In
06. Swallow The Knife
07. Burning Years
08. Page Avenue
09. Sidewalks
10. Divide And Conquer
11. Razorblades
12. Falling Down SOTY_-_Page_Avenue__2003_.rar.html

- Live In The Lou (2005)

01. And The Hero Will Drown (Live)
02. Divide and Conquer (Live)
03. Dive Right In (Live)
04. Anthem of Our Dying Day (Live)
05. Page Avenue (Live)
06. Falling Down (Live)
07. Burning Years (Live)
08. The Heart of Polka is Still Beating (Live)
09. Sidewalks (Live)
10. Swallow the Knife (Live)
11. Until the Day I Die (Live)
12. In The Shadows (Live) SOTY_-_Live_in_the_Lou-Bassassins.rar.html

- In The Wake of Determination (2005)

01. We Don't Care Anymore
02. Take Me Back
03. Our Time is Now
04. Taste the Poison
05. Stereo
06. Five Against the World
07. Sleep
08. Meathead
09. March of The Dead
10. Pay Your Enemy
11. Wake Up The Voiceless
12. Is This My Fate? He Asked Them
13. (Bonus Track) SOTY_-_In_The_Wake_Of_Determination__2005_.rar.html
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Story Of the Year Discografia
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